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Glaveno Anti Hair Fall Spray®

Product Details

Glaveno Anti Hair Fall Spray™ formulated for men & Women. It’s a zero side effect formula which contains Aloe Vera. Glaveno Anti Hair Fall Spray™ stop hair fall and makes roots stronger.

Aloe Vera is the best ingredient for hairs and skin. It contains the Proteolytic Enzymes which work on the scalp by repairing the dead and damaged cells. It’s the best conditioner for the hairs which your need. It’s suitable for all ages and genders.

What Glaveno Anti Hair Fall Spray® Do?

Glaveno Anti Hair Fall Spray® helps to repair the below issues.

  • Stop Anti Hair Fall*
  • Damaged hair can be repaired
  • A best anti-hair loss spray
  • Make hair silky and smooth
  • Split End Issue can be removed with this
  • 0% side effect formula

Read About the Aloe Vera?

Aloe Vera is using in the beauty products because it contains useful properties. Aloe Vera contains vitamins like Vitamin A, B, C and E. A big element found in the Aloe Vera is Acemannan which is the best nutrient which makes the roots nourish.

Results Will Appear in How Many Days?

Results of the Glaveno Anti Hair Fall Spray™ will appear within 4-5 weeks. The regular use provides dense, silky and smooth hairs.

How To Use Glaveno Anti Hair Fall Spray®

Let’s read how to use Glaveno Anti Hair Fall Spray®?

  1. It can be applied with a fingertip or spray pump.
  2. While the application of the spray your hairs must be dried and clean from dirt, oil or other product.
  3. No need to massage or rub after application

It’s the simple and easy to use formula. It’s a water based spray so it’s non-oily/ greasy. Do you have any other question let’s visit the page FAQs.

Note: It’s for the external use only. It’s a non medicated product so it will not cure any type of disease. Before use read the instruction printed on the back side of the box.

  • Product Name Glaveno Anti Hair Fall Spray®
  • Specifications Anti Hair Fall, Damage Hair Repair
  • Product Category Hair Care
  • Availability All over the Pakistan